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ADDRESS: .... Gregor Malyszek ...... Kring 22... ...48691 Vreden-Ammeloe... ...Phone.: 0049 / 2564 / 97 217.. . ... gregor@galerieamkring.com



... ...... St. Anthony Church in Ammeloe



Ammeloe is a small village with 900 inhabitants. It is about 7 km north of the town Vreden and is situated directly on the border between Germany and the Netherlands. Its centre is formed by the village church (the foundation of the chapel stems from 1369), with the houses originally built in a circle around it. These historical surroundings are still present today. The building of the church began in the year 1858. It was built in the same place as the original chapel. The new building was the current tree-aisled church in neo-gothic style. The gallery is situated in the vicinity of  the St. Anthony Church - in fact, inside one of the houses that form the central circle around it.

 The famous nature reserve called Zwillbrocker Venn is not far from Ammeloe. It is the northernmost place in Europe where flamingos live freely in nature.




Gregor Malyszek was born in Maków (Poland).

In 1979 he began his studies (field of study: the teaching of art)

at Silesian University in Katowice from

which he graduated in 1983 with a diploma in Gravure Printing

and an MA in Art Education .

He studied graphic design (Prof. E. Delekta) and painting (Prof. N. Witek).

In 2003 he completed advanced training at the DAA in Dortmund

as the sociotherapist .

Since 1994, he has been living in Vreden-Ammeloe.




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